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Black Diamond Sports Update

Mike Grisdale

Monday, December 8, 2019

Minnesota 20, Detroit 7
Lions (3-9-1) host Tampa Bay, Sunday, December 15, 1:00 p.m.
(Classic Rock the Bear, 98.1/95.3 FM)?


MAC Championship Game - Miami of Ohio 26, Central Michigan 21
CMU(8-5) plays San Diego State in the New Mexico Bowl, Sat. Dec. 21, 2:00 p.m. on

(98.5 FM, WUPS)

Detroit Red Wings at Winnipeg, Tuesday, Dec. 10

(joined in progress following High School Basketball on WCBY)

(WCBY, Big Country Gold - Cheboygan (AM-1240 & 100.7 FM)

Cheboygan Boys vs. Alpena, Tuesday, Dec. 10, 7:15 pm (WCBY AM-1240 & 100.7 FM)
St. Ignace Boys vs. Boyne City, Monday, Dec. 9, 7:15 pm (WWMK 106.3 MAC-FM)