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Everyone loves to share “Good News”

and there are a lot of people doing “Good Things”


98.5UPS encourages listeners to share those stories.

Spread some positive vibes around our community,

and encourage others to be “Neighborhood Nice Guys”


Nominate someone you know that deserves

to be recognized for their kind deeds!


Just nominate one-time. We will hold onto all

submissions for future award considerations.


They will be awarded a kind gift of appreciation!



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The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the

important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.

-Brandon Sanderson


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November 2023 Honoree





November 2023 Nice Guy

Max Byron



 Max is always willing to help anyone in the neighborhood. He has a very kind and generous personality and giving person. Everyone likes to be around and hang out with Max. He is Top Notch!

Nominated by:


Tom Bugenske






October 2023 Honoree





October 2023 Nice Guy

Michael Mead



 For 2 years when we were unable to go to our cottage because of Covid our neighbor Mike was there to cut the grass or shovel the driveway or do what ever needed to be done. He daily checked the cottage to make sure everything was ok, no frozen pipes or damage. He also was able to help our elderly neighbors who were in poor health by cleaning up their lawns during the fall and winter months. It was comforting for them to know he was next door if they needed anything. He never had to be asked to help, he would just show up and do the job and with a friendly wave head back home. He is someone you can count on regardless of the situation and we as neighbors would be lost without him. 

Nominated by:


Denny and Barry Brunton






Sept 2023 Honoree





September 2023 Nice Guy

Fred "Butch" Fischer



Why is this person so special? - We live in on a private dirt road with 8 residences. Without being asked, Butch and his tractor has graded our road several times during the year for several years. Leveling out the inevitable ruts and "road ponds" and saving us from calling tow trucks to get us pulled out. No fanfare, Butch just does it. He is our neighborhood hero. 

Nominated by:


Marcia Koppa






August 2023 Honoree





August 2023 Nice Guy

Patricia DeVos

Lake City


Why is this person so special? - She is the kindest of people. She is understanding and generous but will tell you like it is, not what you want to hear. She is smart and beautiful. She is like my mom and best friend. Treats my daughters like they're her grandkids, as well as my myself and husband like her own kids. Her 3 kids, all adults have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and are all in wheelchairs and they as well, treat us like family. They love that we can help thier mom with things they wish they could. She is deserving because she gives so much, doesn't need much and I'd love to be able to gift her a prime rib dinner at your unique place! We ate at the Fox Den for my daughters 17th birthday and were very happy with everything!

Nominated by:


Jaclyn Parniske






JULY 2023 Honoree





July 2023 Nice Guy

Arthur Mullin



Arthur helps everyone in the neighborhood. He never ask for anything in return. If he has is and you need it he will give it. He's always in a good mood with a great sense of humor. He's more then friend or neighbor He's family to everyone on Arnold Lake!

Nominated by:


Ruth Elliott






June 2023 Honoree





June 2023 Nice Guy

Bob Jansen

Saint Helen, MI


Bob is a full time resident of Saint Helen and the best neighbor EVER. We are only weekenders and every week for six years Bob has taken our trash can back to the house for us. He helps the neighbors put their boats in the water, helps take them out of the water and has met the delivery trucks for many neighbors in the area. Bob is just a sweetheart. He volunteers at St. Vincent's Thrift Store in Roscommon for YEARS. Bob is the Nice Guy in the Neighborhood!!!

Nominated by:


Tara Kutchey






May 2023 Honoree





May 2023 Nice Guy

John Bigard

Mt. Pleasant, MI


John is my husband of 42 years. He retired from Delfield, after 35 years, but he is and has always been a Neighborhood Nice Guy.  He does stuff quietly and doesn't ask for anything, but a Thank You. He goes and drops his snow plow down on driveways in the neighborhood to help others.  The other day a tree fell in a neighbors driveway, he walked over and started cutting it before the neighbor made it outside. Alex was very appreciative of the help, wanted to pay him and he said, no just help me someday if I need help! I think he deserves this and who knows what all he will help the neighbors with, now that he is home all the time!!

Nominated by:


Jean Bigard






April 2023 Honoree





April 2023 Nice Guy

Ticha Kramer

Harrison, MI

Ticha is special in so many ways. She goes out of her way to help people, even strangers. For example, recently while out to dinner with her; she observed a mobility impaired woman struggling - she immediately got up assisted the woman to the restroom, waited outside the door to assist her back to her table. I recently had major surgery; she has shopped for me, cleaned my house, assisted me with post op visits to/from my Dr. She volunteered her time to step in and help to home bound adults without compensation that I normally assist while I am recuperating. She has rearranged her own work schedule to do all of this.

Yet she asks for nothing in return.

Nominated by:


Teresa Booms









February 2023



Roscommon MI

Jannell is the most loving and supportive person I know. She takes care of seniors and cleans their house while working 2 jobs. Anytime someone needs help with their physical problems she is there with food or anything else they need. She is an angel. 

March 2023



Prudenville MI


Amy is an amazing volunteer in our community. As president ( all volunteer) of St. Vincent DePaul Society in Prudenville. She volunteers at least 100 hours a month for our neighbors in need. She writes grants, runs the St. Vincent DePaul Store and its client services. She's smart, kind, helpful and compassionate. Always trying to find a way to help people in our area. She's well deserving of this special award. She also volunteers for disaster relief, and in on the church council at Our Lady of the Lake. She's a positive blessing to all who know her.


Nominated by:

Alice McGregor


Nominated by:

Joann Zadrozny












January 2023 Monthly Winner





January 2023 Nice Guy

Nicole M Ochalek

Marion, MI

Nicole and her husband adopted 3 children that deserved and needed a better life. Even though they had 3 of their own. Making their family consist of a 5 year-old, two 6 year-olds, a 7 year-old,  a 9 year-old as well as a 14 year-old. Nicole also works at a preschool/ daycare. She is an amazing soul who deserves a good meal.

Nominated by:


Tina M Ankney






December 2022 Monthly Winner





December 2022 Nice Guy

Joseph Myers

Houghton Lake

Joseph is my neighbor, he is 80 years old but he tells everyone that he is 40 with 40 years experience! I was in an accident in May and this man has been the best neighborhood nice guy around! He drives my daughter and I anywhere we ask, he takes us to dinner once a week he takes us grocery shopping and he has even dropped my daughters homework off to school when she forgot it at home. Joseph never hesitates to help out he even shovels my driveway when we have snow!!! I think one of the best silly things he does is call me with his joke of the day just to make me laugh because he says that laughter is the best medicine! We call him Sheriff Joseph in our Neighborhood because he watches over all of us.

Nominated by:


Amy Hagerl