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Steve in the Morning

MORNINGS 6:00A-10:AM  Mon. – Sat.

“Help…I’m surrounded by beautiful girls!!!” Younger me would have loved that problem. Now with a wife and two daughters I may never see myself in the bathroom mirror again!

I love my family, baseball, cold beer and great music! (A fine American, eh?)
I’ve been in radio for almost 20 years now with stops in Missouri, Ohio, and Georgia before settling down here in Michigan.

I love all of our seasons here…just wish some were longer than others.
I can never find anybody to play “Name That Tune” or trivia with because my brain is filled with TONS of great music from all genres and plenty useless facts. Now, if I could only find a good use those things!

Oh, yeah…I can try to entertain you! Let’s hang out weekdays from 6a-10a! Call in or text me a request or whatever’s on your mind.

Call me anything you want…Just don’t call me late for dinner”

Tammy Thompson

MIDDAYS 10AM- 3PM   Mon. – Fri.



I have been called many names throughout my life, but the one that has really stuck is “Mid-Day Momma”.  As a mom, grandma and frankly, the oldest person in our office … I have earned the title!

It’s an honor to be a part of so many listeners lives over the past three decades in Central and Northern Michigan!  It doesn’t seem like that long, until I look back at some old pictures … and no they’re not on a phone.    But I can still remember back that far when I used to play album cuts … yes on turn tables.  Back when we recorded commercials on reel-to-reel tape and made edits with a razor blade and scotch tape!  

I love dogs, beer, Reality TV, boating and riding our Harley.  Most times I combine a couple of those things, but I’ve never had the dog on the Harley … yet.

I truly believe hanging out with all of you and playing great music everyday has kept me young, at least in spirit, so Thank You!!

Ted Shumaker

AFTERNOON DRIVE TIME 3:00P-7:00P Mon. – Fri.

Some have called me the “Lifeguard on Duty” of the radio airwaves. Whether its a lake, an ocean, or albeit small body of water I will “Reach the Beach” at some point of the broadcast.
I’m a native Michigander and spent nearly twenty years in New York City hosting, producing, and perfecting my radio gold vocal pipes. I’m not a millennial but I enjoy the finer moments in life like wine and shopping for some forms of American cheese and still think a “platform” is a raised level surface on which you can stand on.
I recently celebrated one year of married life with my amazing Danish wife. Yes, she left Denmark for me and and we moved to Michigan. I’m lucky. Also she doesn’t eat Danish pastries just lots of homemade Rye bread and burgers without buns aka Hakkebøf. See me for recipes.
When I’m not in front of the mic I’m in front of the mic. Karaoke lately? Current favs include – Lido Shuffle, Baby Come Back by Player, and Cool Cat by Queen!

I also do Voice Overs / MC and DJ weddings / parties / private events www.tedshumaker.com




After graduating high school, Carmi decided that her voice would be forever heard across the airwaves. She completed her degree in Radio and TV broadcasting as Confederation College in Thunder Bay. Carmi comes from a small town just outside Toronto to a pair of Sicilian immigrants. Carmi, born Carmela Angela Crisci, enjoyed a career in the music industry beginning at the age of fourteen. She soon found herself behind the mic and in front of cameras as she worked for various television and radio stations. Carmi continues to be a driving force during her evening show. You’ll hear the latest music and entertainment news along with classic hits. While touring as a musician across Canada and the United States, she met a CMU professor from Mt. Pleasant and eventually made her way to Michigan.

Craig Russell Weekend Hustle




Radio veteran Craig Russell hosts the “Weekend Hustle with Craig Russell” on Saturday midday and again on Sunday mornings. He also co-hosts on the Todd L Levitt Law Show on Sunday. Craig is a 26 year radio veteran who has been heard on various radio stations and in various cities across Michigan, such as Jackson, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City.